Internet and Facebook. Get The Most Out of Both

Facebook & Internet

Internet and Facebook is a major topic in our society today

and as helped us in major aspects of our life.

Facebook page administrators maybe

happy to hear that from now on they will all be able to access statistics

about impressions and comments for each entry posted to their wall.

Until now, this feature was only available for pages with at least 10,000 fans,

but it is now available to all administrators. Sure, access to this data

makes many companies and small businesses happy.

(Internet and Facebook) Impressions:

The number of times each post appeared on the wall and in the Fan Feed
Feedback: the number of comments and likes provided, for each impression
So let’s say you post something and 10 people see it. Of these ten people,

one left a comment and one clicked. Your feedback score, then, would be

20%. But you have to take these numbers into the context of what they mean.

For example, let’s say that as your popularity grows, you’ll see more

impressions but fewer comments. This is not necessarily a bad thing

(although not necessarily good). Although we hope all you post and

comment on will be commented on, you must understand that what

we want and what we don’t always get is the other.

In any transaction-based situation, as the number of users increases,

the likelihood of interaction increases. However, the reaction act

is not likely to increase by the same number.

As with almost anything you do openly, you’ll need to measure

your reaction and take it into two directions. First, is the reaction

positive or generally negative? Second, based on the first answer,

what were you doing that was different from what you did before?

Getting the most out of any statistic is a matter of taking all aspects

into account. With the addition of Facebook, it will give you insight,

but it will not answer every question. So, take the information as it comes in

and see the interesting things you can find with it.


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