Online Portfolio: Creating One for Job Application

Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio is a means of expressing oneself on a web-page,

Hello and welcome to today blog post by you nice and lovely friend

and thanks for viewing this my post. To start here are some

question you might have to ask yourself before going through this post:

  1. What is a portfolio?
  2. Why is an online portfolio necessary?
  3. How to go about getting an online portfolio?
  4. What type of job can I apply to with an online portfolio?
  5. What career am I pursuing?
  6. How relevant is my career to the world?
  7. What can I do to add value to my society?

If you were able to provide a reasonable answer to three

out of the seven question laid down above you should

definitely go ahead and get yourself an online portfolio.

So, let try and find answers to the remaining four question

and if possible, to other three that you have the

answers to yourself to help evaluate yourself.


A portfolio can mean a lot of thing s but in the consist

we are considering today a portfolio is simply a collection

of your works, idea, skills and how you have being able

to use your skills in problem solving and how

you can make use of it in the further to help others

and add value to you community. A portfolio can come

in various forms ranging from writing document

(Soft copy or hard-copy) to an online web-page to display your skills,

achievement and accomplishment. A portfolio can also be

use to express your opinion about certain things in the

society you find yourself, you can also use a portfolio to

reach out to people with the same idea as yours and so no.

Go through this publication to the end to find out more.


To state what is an online portfolio?

It is a form of publication like this that shows people more about

your career and it mostly comes in form of a web-page just

like Akinola peace Portfolio which tell people that are

willing to work with him about is skills and area of

specialization and also can be tender by him whenever

need for a job hunt. So back to the main heading why

is an online portfolio necessary/needed? It is needed

by individual and brand establishment to help provide

an online presence that help get more attention to them

and their career and also to help them more up above others

with the same career path and help to provide a successful

and nice background image about them. An online portfolio

can be use in place of a GitHub link when applying for a

developer job online (mostly remote jobs) so that your

employers will be able to see if you are good enough for

the job and for them to see your past works and see how

fit you are for the post you are applying for.

A portfolio is also go for others in other career line apart

from being a developer, for instance a chef will love to show

off her prowess in cooking and display various dishes

she can make also a fashion designer will love to

display various styles she had made also an artist

will love to display her artwork so viewer can see and

order for it instead of holding an exhibition more frequently.

If these reasons are not enough for you to make up your

made to open an online portfolio then it is best you try

and work on yourself or seek advice from an expert. Click to seek advice.

How to go about getting an online portfolio?

For an online portfolio I will advice if you make use of an

Open Source Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress is a very go example although there are other CMS

but WordPress is the best with nice user experience and

admin dashboard panel, also I happen to be a WordPress

expert and I am willing to put you through in case you

encounter any issues/problem while making use of

WordPress and as such you can also hire me to help

you build a WordPress website/portfolio at a cheap price

which may include Domain Name registration, hosting,

WordPress Installation and even a free SSL certificate for

your website and also a professional email address like

[email protected] also I help in troubleshooting WordPress

Website problems and help my client to have a nice and lovely

experience with their website to hire me kindly visit

Hire a WordPress Expert or send a mail to [email protected].

What type of job can I apply to with an online portfolio?

There are lot of jobs in the world today and basis on your

career you can pick any job that suit you well and that you

are convent with once you are able to answer the three question

stated below you will definitely find a nice job to apply to online.

What career am I pursuing?

How relevant is my career to the world?

What can I do to add value to my society?

Still need help applying for a job why not feel free to

leave a comment below with your correct details and

I will personally respond to you and help you find a job that suit your profile.

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