E-Cigarettes: What Parents Need to Know About Kids and E-Cigarettes


(E-Cigarettes)Did you recognize that one in four high school students uses e-cigarettes?

Nationally, 5.3 million middle and high school students use these merchandise, which suggests that albeit your

kids don’t seem to be mistreatment e-cig, they virtually definitely have friends WHO area unit.

Rates of youth e-cigarette use quite doubled between 2017 and 2019, to the purpose that the U.S. medico General
declared the matter Associate in Nursing “epidemic.” Parents ought to perceive however prevailing e-cigarettes area
unit – and therefore the serious health risks they cause to tykes – so as to safeguard youngsters from this growing threat.

several of those merchandises appear as if pens or flash drives, and that they are disguised as watches

or tucked into the sleeve of a hoodie. These disguises facilitate youngsters to hide them from folks and lecturers,

however simply knowing what to seem for puts you one step ahead. E-cigarettes are oversubscribed in an

exceedingly large kind of kid-friendly flavors, from mucilaginous bear and banana ice to mango and mint.

Studies have found that the majority of youth e-cigarette users use flavored merchandise and say they use

these merchandise “because they are available in flavors I prefer.” These flavors hide the actual fact that e-cigarettes

will deliver huge doses of plant toxin, which may be an extremely addictive drug. fashionable brands

like Juul deliver the maximum amount of plant toxin as a full pack of cigarettes.

A 2016 medico General’s report terminated that youth use of plant toxin in any kind, as well as e-cig,

is unsafe, causes addiction, and may damage adolescent brain development, which impacts

attention, memory, and learning. E-cigarettes may also expose users to harmful and malignant neoplastic

disease chemicals like aldehyde and lead. Studies have found that tykes who use the e-cigarettes area unit

a lot of seemingly to become smokers. To prevent youth e-cigarette use, health advocates

area unit business for a comprehensive ban on all flavored e-cigarettes. you may have seen

President Trump’s announcement limiting bound flavored e-cigarettes, however, what you’ll not

grasp is that this policy contains loopholes that exempt thousands of flavored merchandise

that charm to youngsters. These embrace low cost, disposable e-cigarettes

with bright colors and sweet flavors, and vials of plant toxin liquid in nearly every conceivable flavor.

we want a whole ban on flavored e-cigarettes to safeguard our children from damage.

This is plenty of alarming news however there area unit folks fighting this drawback and you’ll be able to too!

A growing range of states and cities have passed laws prohibition flavored e-cigarettes

and alternative flavored tobacco merchandise. Congress is considering a bill to try and do constant,

referred to as the “Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act.” therefore contact your elective

officers in the least levels and urge them to require action to safeguard

youngsters. it is also vital to speak to your youngsters concerning the health risks of

e-cigarettes and build an Associate in Nursing open dialogue with them. grasp

the merchandise, grasp the risks, grasp the signs of use, and make certain

you’ll be able to defend

your kids against this growing

health crisis in America.

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