Wizkid Made in Lagos

Wizkid Made in Lagos

It’s been 3 years since we receive an album treat from WizKid. Fans appreciated the singles and feature music in the middle, but a full album of the StarBoy itself was long-awaited. WizKid in the framework of the world-wide stage with capricious genres, his newest album “Made In Lagos” sounds more stable with traditional Afrobeats. Made in Lagos has been one of WizKid’s most composed albums yet and a notable retort from one of Afrobeats’ most loved.

Foremost with smooth bass and impressive saxophone, Made In Lagos is open to various sets of tones. The project reflects on some of the privileges he has and the importance of not taking said blessings for granted.

Captivatingly, ‘Grace‘ concludes the project with similar lyrical feelings and it appears WizKid is stressing from beginning to the end that despite obstacles, he will continue to run his race.

It’s been a while since WizKid and Burna Boys’ last collaboration, ‘Ginger‘ does not fail and reminds us why the two are among the major music stars in Nigeria.

The pitch change in the 30-second outro increases the singles’ standard further and has me hoping it won’t be another five years till we see these two come together again.

Piece Of Me‘ is led by heartfelt guitar riffs and is well-tailored to the relaxed nature of the album whilst also contributing a slight pop twang.

In the monotonous chorus, Ella Mai demands her love interest “come and get a piece” and whilst it is not a personal favorite, it provides a pleasant tune likely to be seen as both pop and R&B.

Artists can sometimes risk being accepted by leading features, however, with pleasant additions from the likes of Damian Marley and Skepta, WizKid still holds his own and listeners are incapable of forgetting who’s running the show in singles ‘Blessed‘ and ‘Longtime‘.

WizKid deals with a unified pool of singles and there’s a sense of dedication in the making that has been seen through all of his albums.

There’s a diverse thread thru the tracks. This sometimes blends so well; variation may not always be easy. Despite this, the album shows a maturity in WizKid and his development can be heard as he marries easy listening and heartfelt upbeat tempos across his fourth studio album.

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